Hi everyone!

I have found a great little site that I just love.  It has good page authority and is sooo easy to use.  I encourage you to add it into your campaigns.

Introducing……  pen.io

pen spaghetti marketing


1.  Pick your URL  (mine will be burntorangethrowpillows.pen.io)

2.  Create a password

3.  Fill out the captcha code

4.  Click on CREATE NEW PAGE


Now let’s edit the page….

pen 2 spaghetti marketing


pen 3 spaghetti marketing

1.  Type in your title.   2.  Click SAVE

3.  Type in your text.

4.  Insert your code from Easy Product Displays

5.  Click SAVE.

 …. and Presto!

You have a new site to add to your collection :)

pen 4 spaghetti marketing


To go out of edit mode, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on VIEW.

pen 5 spaghetti marketing

Take that URL and submit it to Google for indexing.

Burnt Orange Throw Pillows


I love finding sites like this to add to my Spaghetti Marketing toolkit.


To your success,


PS: If you don’t have Easy Product Displays, if you go through my link and add in coupon code DONNASFRIENDS,  they will give you a recurring discount.