Hi everyone,

Erica has come out with a new guide on Pinterest marketing and I wanted to cover a couple of things.

How it is different from her earlier Pinterest guide?

I have purchased both of Erica’s Pinterest guides. The first one I bought was PinPlosion.  In this guide she goes in to great detail about keyword research and setting up your own blog to use with Pinterest.  Wonderful guide and full of lots of information.  It provides a ton of education and is a guide that I highly recommend.

Super PinMadness is different in that it focuses on Zazzle (and a couple other affiliate networks) and is a lot less work than PinPlosion.  Erica got the idea from working with me on Spaghetti Marketing (as you know, I want little writing and lots of affiliate links out there).  This guide is the perfect match for those doing Spaghetti Marketing!

How can we leverage it with Spaghetti Marketing? (hint: very well and very easily)

How I use Super PinMadness and Spaghetti Marketing…

I am all about leveraging the tools I have and getting lots of my links out quickly.  So if you have purchased Super PinMadness, here is how I add it to my campaigns.

Have your Zazzle products selected in Easy Product Displays

1.  Copy the IMAGE URL from Easy Product Displays

2. Pin/paste the link into Pinterest.

3. Click on NEXT.

4.  Click on PIN IT.

5.  Pick your board, add a description and Pin it.

6.  Click to go see it as we need to edit the Pin to include our affiliate link.  Remove the image link and paste in your affiliate link from Easy Product Displays.    Click on Save Changes.


Just go down your list of products in Easy Product Display and you will build your Pinterest board very quickly.

Continue on with the next steps in your Spaghetti Marketing campaign, and leverage the pinning traffic generation that Erica teaches in her guide.

So Easy!!

Here are a few of the screen shots I took….

Spaghetti Marketing and Super PinMadness 1 Spaghetti Marketing and Super PinMadness 2


Spaghetti Marketing and Super PinMadness 3


This is so easy, it’s crazy.

Make sure you execute the steps on getting traffic to your pins.  I get lots of sales from Pinterest and it is a great site to add to your toolkit.

To your success!