Many people have asked me if they can use the Spaghetti Marketing techniques with Amazon products as they are an Amazon associate and would like to take advantage that affiliate network too.

The answer is Absolutely! – though with one slight modification…. 

Amazon wants to see sites that provide added value to the consumer.  Now I personally believe that I am providing value when someone can go to my site and find everything they need for a Disney Frozen Birthday Party (invitations, decorations, plates, costumes, tablecloth, party favors, etc) , but Amazon would like added text instead of just the pictures of the various products.  So we must comply.

This added value can be through…

  • a write up how you would plan and host a Disney Frozen Birthday Party
  • your personal experience with the various products you are marketing
  • perhaps you have researched a series of products and want to put up a review
  • information on how to enhance the decor of your home.

You will need to include this “added value” in order to be compliant with Amazon’s affiliate terms and conditions.  You don’t have to write a novel to satisfy Amazon, but you need to do some writing.

(To read Amazon’s Affiliates Program Operating Agreement – click here)

You can still use Easy Product Displays to create your images and links, open up all of the web 2.0 sites and be productive with your Spaghetti Marketing – just make sure that you write some content to please Amazon.

To your success!


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