Okay folks, here is my review of Perfect PinSense.

Perfect PinSense is all about creating crafty blogs which are very popular on Pinterest and when they click through to your blog, you make money with Adsense ads.

When I first read through the guide, I thought… “oh no, this is not for me“.

I am not crafty.  I do not knit, paint, garden (except for pulling weeds), or do anything that I could build a blog with.  Therefore, like many other people I believed that I would get no value out of the guide.

So I let it sit for a few weeks.

…Then I went on to Pinterest and clicked on a lot of those crafty images and took a look at the blogs behind them.  Some of the blogs actually have a section where they post how much money they make from their blog.  The highest income earner that I came across was making $25,000 a month (a recipe site). Mmmm….  this is not something to be ignored.

I read the guide again.

Other than the “crafty” part, I did learn a ton about:

  • putting better security on my site.  I do this now with ALL of my sites (thanks Erica!)
  • leveraging adsense and where to place the ads on my site
  • generating traffic to my site through Pinterest
  • how to find the best pinners to follow
  • how to find quality pinners that repin
  • how to find top notch pinners who have a good following
  • how to find good pinners who will follow me back

To be successful with affiliate marketing with Pinterest, you need your pins to be seen, shared and and repinned so the above items are very important.

So what I discovered is that…

  1. The DIY niche is HUGE
  2. Providing free content generates a ton of traffic (ie. recipes)
  3. People love pictures
  4. Money can be made in this market

But… what about those of us who are not crafty?  Erica crochets, I don’t.

So I chose lemons.

Yup, my DIY blog is about lemons.

Anything and everything that you can do with a lemon.  I built blogs posts, put in pictures and pinned them.  When they come to my blog (and they do), I generate income through Adsense and affiliate product like the PinSense guide taught us.

Then, I created 5 different images for each blog post.  Different images driving traffic to the same post  :)

Now I am not a writer, but the nice thing about these posts, is that there are lots of pictures and it doesn’t require a lot of writing (happy dance).  People coming from Pinterest want to see pictures and simple easy steps to get things done quickly.

Here are some ideas for you that you don’t have to create a project for…

Grilling – marinates, spices, rubs, tools, recipes, sauces, etc.

Chocolate – need I say anything else?

Apples, strawberries, etc – recipes, sauces, drinks

Camping – tips, vacations, weather, activities, cooking…

European Vacations –  what to see, what you should take with you, where to stay

Cleaning – how to clean, tips, tricks, purging

Beauty – naturally…whiten teeth, soften the skin, etc

Cooking – this is huge!  recipes, recipes, recipes

Container Gardening – growing everything in pots, fruit, vegetables, herbs, etc.

Organizing – organize every room of the house, do the garage, for travel, for school, etc

Renovations – bathroom, kitchen, garage, patio

There is a ton of information on the internet to help you build your site.  You don’t have to grill to build a grilling site.

Bought too many lemons - 10 ways to use lemons


I put up this image for two reasons:

  1. To show you one of my images
  2. To show you that you don’t have to knit or draw to make it work

But I did follow the guide.

If you are interested in learning how to create your blog, secure it, and find the right pinners who will promote your pins, then I suggest you have a look at Erica’s Perfect PinSense guide (affiliate link).