I few people have asked me how I organize my Spaghetti and RAM sites, so I thought I would do a quick write up on what I do.

Keyword Research

First,   I take an hour or two and come up with 45+ keyword phrases that I am going to build out in the next couple of months.  I am very comfortable with keyword research and find lots to build.  In fact, I generate so many keyword phrases that I thought of doing it as a business!  … but instead I think I am going to enlist my teenagers to start building campaigns :)  Collecting my keyword phrases at one time means that there is  no searching each day on what I am going to be working on.

Spreadsheet Organization

I always use Google Docs, as it allows me to access my spreadsheets no matter where I am.  If you want to use Excel, you most certainly can.

I have a template spreadsheet in Google Docs titled “00”  (that’s zero zero, no quotes).  I do this so that it is at the top of my Docs folder.

Next,  I create a folder called “Completed Campaigns”.  When I have done a campaign I just move the spreadsheet over into the folder so that it doesn’t mess up my work space.

What my spreadsheet looks like….

RAM marketing

1.       Email address – this is where I put in the email address that I used for this campaign.   When you have lots of campaigns out there, you want to know which email address you created the Web 2.0 property with.   I have different gmail addresses that I use.  For example, I have a Christmas gmail address and I only use it when promoting Christmas specific things (decorations, etc).  And email address for toys, etc…

2.       The URL of the site you just built – Because you need to index the site and perhaps add it to other sites, you need to keep a copy of the URL.

3.       Submit URL – Did I really submit it?  Sometimes I forget and this is my reminder  :)

4.       Where else did I submit the URL?  Any sites where I submitted the URL goes here.  Just put the name of the site above and check if you submitted it.

Column A – this is where I have my email address, then I list the sites where I may or may not build my campaigns.  If I do build it, then I complete columns B, C, D, E, F…

Add as many sites that you want to Column A.  Try new ones and see how they do.  If you are a RAM member, then add in all of your RAM Sites.  If you are not using Reverse Attack Marketing (RAM), then I highly recommend that you check it out as the program is amazing and works beautifully with the Spaghetti method.

At the bottom of column A, I have a cell with my affiliate disclosure it in so that I can just copy and paste it in.  Sorry, I forgot to put that in the picture.

Very important…..after you build your template, when you are starting a campaign, open the template, click on FILE, MAKE A COPY, then enter in your keyword phrase.  You will then have a new spreadsheet and will not be writing in your template (yup, I’ve done that many times).

Hope that helps.

Keep building!