Hey everyone,  the folks over at Easy Product Displays are opening up a free trial of the software as their way to introduce the new Share A Sale integration.

The coupon code is 20THANKYOU.

You may already be using Easy Product Displays for Amazon and Zazzle, but they have now got it going with Share A Sale.

00 share a sale

Share A Sale is an affiliate program that I have been using for years.  There are hundreds of merchants who use the Share A Sale platform to market their products.  It ranges from clothing, swim suits, pet products, men’s clothing, sports equipment, fan memorabilia, food, nutrition, skin care…. pretty much everything.

It’s free to join Share A Sale.

Some of the merchants will auto approve you while others will want to see examples of some of your sites before they approve you.

If you are relatively new to affiliate marketing, sign up for the merchants who have auto approve so that you can start getting your affiliate links out there with Easy Product Displays.

Here’s how to find the auto approve merchants:

Sign up for Share A Sale  (here is their sign up page )

After you sign in, click on the Merchant, then Search for Merchants.

shareasale affiliate program

Click on the Advanced Search Tab and Click the Auto Approval of Affiliates.

share a sale auto approve


You will then get a list of all of the affiliate programs that you can apply for and receive immediate access to their affiliate links.

Now… Easy Product Displays does not have every program integrated into their software as that would be a huge undertaking.  So what I would recommend is this:  Sign up with Share A Sale, search the Auto Approval Vendors, then see if those vendors are in Easy Product Displays.

List of Merchants in Easy Product Displays – I don’t have a listing, but here is how you have a look:

Log into Easy Product Displays

Pick Share A Sale in the Search

easy product displays - share a sale

Click on Merchants – and you will see a listing of all of the merchants supported by Easy Products Displays.


Now get building your links.  You can use EDP all weekend for free.

Here is the link and remember to use coupon code 20THANKYOU for free access!

Hope this helps!