I recently purchased the  Azon Authority plug-in and WordPress theme to build Amazon store-like sites.  This was not the first time I had purchased a product like this, but this is the first one that I actually like and will use over and over again.

They have a great sales page and initialy I thought that perhaps I had hit the buy button a little too quickly and therefore  I may have purchased a shiney object (one of many that I have purchased in my life).

I watched a few of the training videos and determined that I would have to set aside a whole lot of time to implement a site – but  was wrong.  It is so much easier than I had thought.

I really, really like it and I am glad that I bought the enterprise version so that I can use it on many of my sites.

As for generating income, two days after I built the site I had an Amazon sale of $84.95 with a commission of $6.37.

Sharing my site –

As I sit here typing, I am torn as to whether I should share the site that I have built.  I know that I like to see completed sites, as that is how I learn.  On the other hand, I do know that once you share a site that nasty things can happen.  So I’m still thinking about it.

What I will tell you, is that I built my Amazon site around a DIY blog.

Even if you don’t get to see my site, they do show you two demo sites plus they build a third site as part of the training.

What I Purchased:

As with many of the internet marketing products that are available, almost all of the offers have an upsell (or two, or three…).  Azon Authority is no exception (sigh).

Initial Offering – the Azon plug-in and the Azon WordPress theme for one site (which I bought)

First Upsell – Allows you to use the plug-in and theme on 100 sites.  I bought this as well.  I doubt that I will build a hundred Amazon sites, but I know I will build more than one!   I currently have seven in mind.  (So yes, I bought the upsell)

Second Upsell – for a monthly members area.  I didn’t buy it, but in hind sight, I should have bought in for the first couple of months to gain additional knowledge and insights from others.


Quality of Training Provided by Azon Authority:

I am a “paint by number” learner.  I like to be shown exactly how to do something – step by step.

The training is all provided via video and is the building of an actual site (dog supplies).

I watched the first four videos and initially thought that this was going to be a ton of work, so I stopped watching and put off using it.  Thinking that it would take me a lot of time, I planned on starting the project a month later and planned on devoting a couple of weeks to it.  Well.… I couldn’t stop thinking about using Azon with a current project I was working on (my DIY blog),  so I signed back in to the training area and watched video one.   I would play the video, stop it and do exactly what they did on my site.  Stop – start – stop – start.  I did this for a couple of hours on a Friday night (sounds like I don’t have a life, right?).  I finished the whole site on Saturday.

The whole site included:

  • picking my categories (they show you how Amazon lays it all out for you)
  • selecting the products
  • adding images
  • structuring the site
  • using my blog with the store
  • installing the recommended plug-ins

The training is very well done, detailed and left no stone unturned.  I am very glad that they built the store right in front of us.

What I Like About Azon Authority

The whole intent of this software is to allow you to build your own quality store to market Amazon products.  It provides customers with a great interface and professional place to purchase products.

Believe it or not, my site looks at good as this one!

Azon authority demo site


The plug-in pulls in the product information, image and price as well as related products.

It uses the Amazon API and secret keys which keeps it clean and does not do anything that Amazon frowns upon.

It’s easy to pick products that you want to include on your site.

Another key feature that I like is that it pulls in the keywords that people are typing into Amazon.  They call this “Amazon Suggest”.  It lets me know what keywords to target when adding content to my site or to the web 2.0 sites that I build.  This is great info!


Azon Authority - Amazon suggest


At first it might seem overwhelming as it is something new to learn.  You are building a professional site, so it is worth it.

For me, I found that the most “work” was putting in the pictures for each of the categories (I have 12 categories on my first site).

I like it.  I use it.  And I will be building a lot more sites with it.

Azon Authority and Easy Product Displays

Now for all of you who use Easy Product Displays like I do, here is a really cool trick that I came up with.  Azon Authority is a plug-in that only works on WordPress sites.  But for those of us who use Spaghetti Marketing or RAM marketing we put lots of Amazon products on web 2.0 sites.  Since Azon does not work on web 2.0 sites this is what I do….  The tool has a feature called “ASIN Grabber”.   I use this feature to pick only the highest rated products.  I then take those ASIN numbers and put them into Easy Product Displays which will generate the HTML code for my web 2.0 sites.  How awesome is that!

For example… I search Amazon for dog chew toys.  I then select the highest star ratings.  Grab the Amazon URL for the page and put it into the ASIN Grabber.

azon authority review with easy product displays


Easy Product Displays requires a comma between each of the ASIN numbers, so I grab the numbers and paste them into a spreadsheet.  In the next column I put in a comma, copy the two columns then paste into EPD, hit the search button, select all 10 products then copy the code into your web 2.0 site.

Azon into easy product displays

Now my web 2.0 sites will only show the highest rated products and not random products that I would have selected.



For those of you who have bought Azon Authority, I highly recommend that you build some sites.  I know that you will be very pleased.

For those of you who do not have Azon Authority, it is something that you might want to check out.  Here is their site (affiliate link).