I like to get my sites out quickly, so here is how I leverage the RSS feeds:

1.  Create Soup.io account with my keywords
2.  Create RebleMouse account with my keywords
3.  Create Kurator account (2 column design)

4.  Add in the url from Soup and Reblemouse to create my Delicious tag.
5.  Create my RSS feed for Delicious.
6.  Run the Delicious RSS through Feedburner (important if you are putting Amazon links in your Delicious account in the future).

Copy the Feedburner link generated into SOUP, REBLEMOUSE and KURATOR.  So…Copy, paste, paste, paste

7.  Create Amazon RSS feed.
8.  Add my affiliate tag to the end of the Amazon feed “?tag=xxxxx-02”
9.  Put Amazon RSS through Feedburner.

Copy the feedburner link.  Paste into SOUP, REBELMOUSE, KURATOR.  (Copy, paste, paste, paste).

You now have 3 sites up in less than 30 minutes with your affiliate links.

Submit the URLs to get indexed.

Now you can go back to Soup, Rebelmouse and Kurator to pretty them up.